Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Learn more about The Storytime Box.

What is The Storytime Box?

The Storytime Box is a unique book box for children, designed by an experienced teacher. Each box contains a children's book, a learning & development guide, and special perks such as toys and craft projects. Books and activities are carefully selected to enhance your child's literacy experience.  

Can I Choose the Box that I Want?

Yes. Our boxes are designed for a wide range of children. There are 4 age-appropriate options to choose from: The Little Tot Box, The Preschool Box, The Easy Readers Box, and The Elementary Box. You can choose the box option that is best for your child's age and reading level. 

How much does it cost?

A monthly subscription is only $19.99. Shipping is free!

Do I Have to Subscribe in Order to Make a Purchase?

No. Subscriptions are recommended, but not required. Visit the "Shop" page to make a one-time purchase.

When Will I Receive My Box?

Boxes are shipped on the 25th of each month. You will typically receive your box during the first week of the following month. Example: June boxes are shipped at the end of May. 

When Will I Be Charged for My Subscription/Purchase?

Store purchases will be charged to your payment method immediately at checkout. Monthly subscriptions will be charged at sign-up, and on the 15th monthly. 

Can I purchase a gift for someone else?

Yes. Click the "Give a Gift" tab or select the gift option during checkout. Please note that boxes are only shipped once a month. Gifts should be ordered during the previous month to ensure timely delivery. Example: If the child's birthday is on July 9th, order the box before June 15th.

Are the Books Included in My Box Pre-Owned?

No. All books are new, in excelllent condition. Some books may have a small dot or line on the edge. This has been added by the distributor to indicate a price markdown. The Storytime Box will only provide high quality, new materials in our boxes.